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The History of Skiing
Many people have wondered how the sport of skiing has evolved since wood runners had their first recorded history of almost five millennia!!! Well SkiRebel Magazine has decided to take you on that vertical journey. We sent our researchers out to scour the four corners of the globe and cross every mountain top until they had the answer. They were told ‘Leave no rock uncovered’ – okay so with our ingenious skills we turned to the Internet and decided this journey could only be completed by the greatest reference around: Wikipedia.

So thanks to this great resource we stitched together what we felt were some of the more useful links to bring together the history of caveman and skiing together.

Just as a note that all the sources come from Wikipedia as we felt these were some of the most resourceful and consistent links available. Besides they contained no advertising and we’ve come to rely on the website a number of times for our own research.

So if you’d like to add to anything you read, then we ask you to modify the online entry at Wikipedia this way the entire world will know. If there is something you’d like us to consider – and if of course related to snow and skiing – then drop us an email at SkiRebel (at) gmail.com and we’ll do our best to get it up.

  • History, skis and waxing
  • Skiing dates back many millennia and who would ever think it would have evolved from such a far place in history. But as skiing has evolved and the original skis have moved warp years ahead, that all makes question if we should even be waxing our skis now.

  • Snow and climate change
  • But what makes a good quality and enjoyable skiing experience? Although in the 21st Century many individuals would be prepared to argue that’s about the hot tubs and après-ski, most agree the key ingredient is good quality snow. But with global warming potentially threatening a way we’ve taken for granted we figured it’s crucial for people to understand the impact of climate change and global warming is having on these favourite winter sports.

  • Mountains and ski resorts
  • The mountain has served as an area of retreat for many individuals and family’s for hundred of years. Why is it that we have been so attracted to mountains? Is it the odd shapes, the way the light hits on certain types of the day or is just because we see them as being continuous challenges? For whatever reason, this link may help you get a bit more perspective on the history of ski resorts.

  • Ski Suits and ski schools
  • Of course the perfect mountain experiences always begin with the perfect ski suit that will make you feel comfortable and keep you warm. If this is your first time skiing or not, you’ll want to check out the ski and snowboard school. Winter mountain sports evolve every year and this is a great way for you to brush up or get a great exposure first hand.
    There is plenty of different skiing you can try. Everything from traditional skiing, to mono skiing, freestyle skiing, ski jumping, extreme skiing, backcountry skiing, ski racing, super G, slalom skiing and skiing has become an accessible sport that even disabled individuals can also enjoy.

  • Ski Patrol and ski lift“>ski lifts
  • But keep in mind that skiing is about fun and being safe. Thanks to hundreds of thousands of volunteers who belong to the ski patrol system to keep mountain experiences a safe and enjoyable experience. They take care of safety on mountains, avalanche control and also take care of ski lift evacuations as they are needed.

  • Movies, Competitions, Championships, Olympics, ISF, Ski Museums
  • But if all of this is too much or you just want to find more about how other ski legends have currently performed you check out some of these fantastic resources such as Ski Movies on the Big Screen, Alpine ski competitions, Alpine ski champions, Winter Olympics, the International Ski Federation, and finally check out the world’s oldest Ski Museum in Norway as an inspiring resource.

    So there you have it… A lot of the story but this section is for sure going to grow. So if you want to learn more or would like us to put an extra link on this page, drop us an email. Just make sure it’s retrievable on Wikipedia first!

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