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Infographic of the week: Descending Everest by skis

Everest is by far the highest mountain in the world. The Earth Goddess of all mountains. The inspiration for all those who have stood on her summit. In our freerider soul it is the supreme descent, the ultimate ride.
In 2000, Everest skiiing Davo Karnicar, a Slovenian, became at the age of 38, the first person to carry out the complete ski descent of Everest.

He was not alone in having attempted to ski down the world’s highest peak, he was the first to ski down the whole way without taking his skis off. Yuichiro Miura, from Japan, who skied down from 8,000 meters in 1970, is still known around the world simply as “the man who skied down Everest”. Hans Kammerlander also skied down from the summit in 1996, but had to take his skis off: “I skied down the first 300 meters at a gradient of 55 degrees, then I removed my skis and used my crampons several times until I reached 7,700 m. Then I put my skis back on and never removed them”. He equated skiing down from the summit to “skiing down a bell tower”.
Karnicar, who had already lost two fingers to frostbite on a previous aborted attempt, climbed the last stage to the summit at night to avoid bad weather forecast to close in in the afternoon the following day. He arrived exhausted at base camp five hours after departing from the summit, having made the first complete ski decent of Mount Everest. “At 12:40 I got down to Base Camp, glad that it was all over. I’d been on the go for 15 hours, I felt drained and couldn’t sleep. It was as if I was light years from this world. I couldn’t even manage to feel happy”.

Descending Everest – An infographic by the team at Descending Everest: An Infographic by mpora.com




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