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Whistler’s 50th year ends on an epic note

Whistler finally takes a breather after an epic 2009-2010 season

Whistler finally takes a breather after an epic 2009-2010 season

Despite the ups of the Olympics, and the threat of being auctioned off, Whistler ended its historic 192 day long 2009-10 ski season a couple of weeks ago and has now published some statistics for its momentous 50th winter which saw the high points of record snowfall and the fulfillment of the resort’s long held dream to stage a Winter Olympics and the low point of owners Intrawest nearly facing major financial problems.

This has been a season like no other,” says Dave Brownlie, President and Chief Operating Officer at Whistler Blackcomb. “We could not have asked for a better year to host the Games and have the eyes of the world on us. The phenomenal early snowfall set the tone for the season and a number of blue bird days during the Games helped to showcase the beauty and majestic nature of this amazing place.”

Whistler received 560cm/220 inches of total snowfall in November making November 2009 the snowiest month on record.  The season snowfall total was 1,492cm/587inches making 2009/2010 the second snowiest season on record.

Another major event was the commissioning of the resort’s new Fitzsimons Hydro Project which can produce 33 gig watt hours of hydro electricity annually, more than enough to meet Whistler’s power needs.

“With all of the media exposure generated by the Games, and resulting new awareness levels for Whistler, Whistler Blackcomb is excited to convert desire into action. We will be working hard to continue on the awareness momentum of the Games and attract guests from all over the world to Whistler next season and beyond,” Brownlie continued.

Finally, getting to Whistler Blackcomb has never been a smoother ride. The Sea to Sky Highway, which went through major road infrastructure in time for the Games, is now a quicker and safer route for all users.


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