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World’s newest ski resort opens in North Korea

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Masik Pass in an undated picture


 It’s not exactly what one would expect from one of the remaining hardline communist countries in the world, but nonetheless North Korea has managed to open the world’s latest luxury ski resort. Now it’s time for you to buy the T-shirt and bring your story of Masik Pass at your next cocktail party and just watch the jaws drop. The highly publicized project is the brain-child of North Korea’s current leader Kim John Un, has been controversial since the project got off the ground. In a country where widespread poverty exists and struggles to feed its own people, critics say he was out to prove a point. With South Korea preparing to host the 2018 Winter Olympic, critics have said he also wanted to show that his country could easily compete and build competing luxury facilities.  

  Originally scheduled to open last October, the resort experienced a series of setbacks, notably after being slapped with UN sanctions over the purchase of Swiss chair lifts. The ski lifts currently in place are from China. The ski packages, meanwhile, include access to the resort’s nine ski runs and four chairlifts. Getting to the top of the Masik Pass at 1,360 m (4,461 feet) requires taking three separate chair lifts and takes up to 40 minutes. At this time there are not too many offering tour packages to the newly established resort, but Beijing-based operator Koryo Tours and New Jersey operator Uri Tours have launched packages of their own.

Here are a few other interesting resort specs:

  •  The total resort area is 1,412 hectares.
  • All slopes combined have a total length of 110,000 meters.
  • Slope widths vary from 40 – 120 meters.
  • The maximum slope is 39.8 degrees.
  • The resort has 120 rooms.
  • A day-long ski lift pass is 25 euros (included in the package).
  • Resort amenities include a lap pool, fitness centre, massage, sauna, billiards and hair salon.







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